Welcome to the CLASS OF 1960 web site. Our class consisted of some 140 graduates in numbers. We are proud that we have just finished convening at our 50th Anniversary Class Reunion in Washington, Illinois this past Oct 2, 2010. This web site is for general public viewing as well as a resource and memory stick for those in our generation. We trust you will enjoy the FLASHBACK in time on this web site and appreciate any feedback you email to feedback@wacohi1960.com .

Our High School Years were noted as the years of the COLD WAR between the USA and COMMUNIST Russia. We were soon to be facing the draft into the Vietnam War. John F Kennedy was elected President of the US in 1961 succeeding Dwight Eisenhower as we were mere Freshmen in College. Rock N Roll was the music of the decade and Popular artists such as Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis were promoted on radio. In the 50's the TELEVISION become the media phenom as more families were able to afford them and bring them into their homes.

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Washington Community High School Class of 1960, Washington, Illinois